How much should I pay for the Box Spring or Foundation?

Should I buy a Box Spring when I replace a Mattress?

Box springs, sometimes referred to as a foundation, are an optional component when you buy a mattress.  I am often asked if they are required and the answer is no.  It is wise to replace your box spring but if your existing box spring is still good then it is not necessary.  So far, easy-peasy right?  However, many salespeople will tell you that if you don’t get/purchase the foundation/box spring you will not have a warranty.

Warranties are effected by the box spring.  That is the absolute truth.  If your box spring fails and it isn’t part of a matched set then it is likely the box spring will be blamed for any failure of the mattress.  I do recommend that you buy the foundation when you purchase a high quality set for your master bedroom or any bedroom that is in regular use.  I don’t if the room is rarely used.

A twin box, can we just call it a box now, cost about $160.  A full about $50 more, queen about $250, and king (two twin extra longs) $180 each or $360 for both.  Let’s say you have a guest room you want a better mattress in but it was rarely used.  The box is still good right!  So in that case I would tell you not to get the box.  Otherwise I would suggest you do.  You know your circumstance and are a big girl or boy now, so you can take it from here.

Read this before you buy the ComforPedic IQ by Simmons Beautyrest.

There are some unscrupulous salespeople out there that are misrepresenting the Beautyrest ComforPedic line.  I want my readers to be aware that that there are two versions of ComforPedic, the first in the advanced collection has all memory foam (8 models) and the second has air based coils that support the memory foam.  These two ComforPedics are distinquished by whether or not they have the IQ (with air chambers) or not. Basically the newer collection is the IQ which has six models that feature a high density foam over the air coils, and the eight over models only feautre the foam support layers.   All of these mattresses are available for use with the an Adjustable Base.   

If you are considering the IQ Collection because of a dealer recommendation take note that there are several names for each model.  You local dealer may have a name that isn’t well publicized but you can tell them apart by the mattress height.  Measure the mattress height and you will be able to indentify it easily when shopping.  If you come across different names for the Advanced collection go by the price when visiting web sites.  Make sure you sort from least expensive to most expensive and you will see a pattern develop.  Then verify by comparing the specifications. Ask your brick and mortar retailer to price them out from cheapest to most expensive and you will have the order of their ranking.  Of course you should look at the comfort layers but this is an easy way to know which mattress is which.

This is in no way an endorsement of this product.  I have found the Sealy Optimum Series to be a great value and it is manufactured with a gel-infused memory foam that keeps the mattress cooler.

Mattress Sizes

Jim writes,  Jeff I am planning on building furniture for my house and want to know what sizes to make the beds.  Can you provide me with the most popular sizes please.  I appreciate your blog and used it when I bought my last mattress for the guest room.


Jim B.

Hudson, CO

Dear Jim,

I am including a chart below with the sizes of most beds.  The rails on the furniture must support the edges of the box springs/foundations.  Please ensure the rails are at least two inches wide and that your queen and king beds have at least one center support structure that goes all the way (legs) to the floor.


Most Common Mattress and Foundations Sizes

Bed Type Measurements (WxL)
Twin (Single) 39″ x 75″
Twin Extra Long 39″ x 80″
Three Quarter 48″ x 75″
Full (Double) 54″ x 75″
Full Extra Long 54″ x 80″
Queen 60″ x 80″
Queen Waterbed Insert 58″ x 82″
King 76″ x 80″
California King 72″ x 84″
King Waterbed Insert 70″ x 82″


Consumer Success with Mattress Manufacturers

It is good to report that consumers who contacted the major manufacturers with complaints concerning the many names of mattresses are having an impact. In fact, one manufacturer, the Sealy Inc has reduced the number of their names to two on most of their high quality models. One name for Internet Sales and one for brick and mortar retail outlets. This is real progress that protects the consumer from dealers that tell you their mattresses are specially made for them. I am hopeful that the other major manufacturers will follow suit soon. Keep up the pressure on these factories by sending them your emails or phoning them to express your opinion. Should you run across a model with many names call my office and we will run it down for you. Of course you can fall back to comparing comfort layers, mattress height, and coil count to make your own comparison.

To contact a manufacturer go directly to their web site and find the contact form or email address. Then tell them what you think of deceptive practices and how that forms an opinion of their company. I am always here to help you regardless of where you buy your mattress, but it helps if I am not the only one trying to protect the consumer.

2012-2013 World Class Replacement Names for Simmons Beautyrest

There are many callers inquiring about Simmons World Class models since they were discontinued in June. These models may not be ordered any longer but some may be found in warehouses around the country, in particular dealer warehouses. I am publishing this list of names below so you will know which models should be greatly discounted.

  1. Marlowe
  2. Corita
  3. Elderberry Visco
  4. Vibrance
  5. Edgertown
  6. Chase Falls
  7. Tresback
  8. Georgetown
  9. Alex Bay
  10. Phinney Ridge
  11. Ramsey
  12. Walker
  13. Parkland
  14. Lake Wold
  15. Parksdale
  16. Capitivation
  17. LeBlanc
  18. Vanderkerk
  19. Cherie Hill
  20. Finland Wood
  21. Black River Bay
  22. Vanderkirk
  23. Clarice
  24. Vivaldi
  25. Harding
  26. Garber
  27. Addisson
  28. Westmount
  29. Murnau
  30. Henderson Bay
  31. Brody
  32. Glynn

As you can see there are a lot of names on that list. This is just the level one World Class and there are two additional levels. You can find the rest of the name at Bedding Hotline in the name comparison index by typing in the search term “World Class.” Should you find any of these models they should not cost you more than $600 for a queen set as the dealers need to get rid of them and most of what you will find is a floor sample or customer return. Most will not have a warranty. So be careful.

2012-2013 ComforPedic Replacement Names

There is a new crop of ComforPedic mattresses that have replaced the older models you may still find at your local retailers.  You will know these models because they are part of the Recharge Sleep System being promoted by Simmons Beautyrest.  To easily identify them ask if the ComforPedic mattress you are considering has a ventilated seating edge.

These models have been updated as of June 2013

The 2011 ComforPedic Bloomfield Firm was replaced by the 2012 St. Simons and then updated to the 2013 Advanced Rest, also called the Alive.

The 2011 ComforPedic Wildwood was replaced by the 2012 Seabrooke and then updated to the 2013 Renewed Energy, also called the New Life.

The 2011 ComforPedic Oakland Plush was replaced by the 2012 Mykonos and then replaced by the 2013 Balanced Days, also called the Nourishing Comfort.

The 2011 ComforPedic Southhampton was replaced by the2012  Key Largo and then replaced by the 2013 Restored Spirits, also called the Enlightened Days.

The links to these products will bring you to the specifications for each mattress.  Should you need further information and comparison names please call my office.

ComforPedic Comparison Names

A caller today asked me if I could supply her with the alternate names being used on the Internet for the Simmons Advanced Collection. There are four different mattresses in this collection. Most companies are now using the same name regardless of where you buy but there are two categories, the Internet Retailers and Brick and Mortar store.

These are the only cross-over names that I am aware of at this time.

Luxury Firm: St. Simons or the Cozumel

Luxury Plush: Seabrooke or the St. Johns

Deluxe Plush: Mykonos or the Seychelles

Ultra Plush: Key Largo or the Lanai

All of these models qualify for the current rebate from Simmons Bedding Company. Please be sure to ask for the rebate if you make a purchase before September 10, 2012. You should also receive free pillows with your purchase. I am not sure other companies are doing this but we also give you free delivery with white glove set up and removal of your old mattress, free mattress protector or bed frame, and a 300 count sheet set.

Should you need assistance with a name comparison or have a general mattress question please feel free to send us a message.

5-Holiday Mattress Shopping Tips

The Expert Adviser Mattress Guide

5-Holiday Mattress Shopping Tips

 Holiday Shopping Tips

There will be a many people shopping for mattresses in the next few weeks. This alarms me because I know the tricks retailers will use to lure you into a false sense of security, especially during holiday sale events. Sale ads promise a low price but are these prices the lowest or the most fair to the consumer? You may run into salespeople who only care about a commission check and sell you whatever they think you will buy instead of the right mattress for you.

For those reasons I am publishing five things you can do to ensure you make a good decisions.

Five Things You Can Do To Portect Yourself

  1. Shop locally for your best fit. That’s right, you need to be fitted to a mattress just like you are fitted for a shoe. Wrong fit and it is you that will complain the mattress isn’t right while waking with back, shoulder, or hip pains. Believe me it is likely you made a bad choice and not the mattresses fault. Here is a good tip: Lay on your back and ensure your complete body is level on the mattress without your back dipping down. If your whole body is making contact with the mattress and you feel comfortable, it is the correct firmness for you. If it is also a price you can afford, consider it as a candidate for the bedroom, try every mattress on your back first, then in your natural sleeping position.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your side or not. What matters most is spine support, then comfort, then price.
  3. Shop for price at two competing local stores, then shop on the Internet and compare prices.  If the price on the Internet is that much better buy online, if not, buy locally. If you need a mattress name comparison call my office at 888-557-0977 and we will try to help you.
  4. Take advantage of the manufacturers special offers.Simmons Beautyrest, Sealy, Serta, and Stearns and Foster offer specials and/or cash back in the form of a Visa gift card.
  5. Consider a softer mattress if you are over 45. The older you get, the better you will like a softer mattress. You don’t need to buy a pillow top, but since many of today’s mattresses will last over twenty years you need to consider how you will feel 15 years from now and if the mattress is too hard it will not be a good fit then.
  6. Prices may go up on “Sale” weekends, not down. With more people shopping retailers sometimes switch things up. Get a guarantee that if the price goes down in the next 30 days the retailer will refund the difference.

Also take a look at my article “how to buy the right mattress” for more information. I want you to be successful with your mattress purchase. Remember three things when shopping. Comfort, Support, and Durability. Comfort is what you feel when you get into bed. It allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Support is what you feel when you get out of bed. The right spine support will support you whole body as the day goes on. Durability is how long a mattress will last in comparison to what you paid for it. Pay too little and the mattress won’t last, too much and you waste money. Shop wisely and make sure you get at least a ten-year warranty.

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Sandlewood Mattress Comparison

World Class Ultimate Firm Mattress

World Class Ultimate Firm Mattress

A caller from Michigan to ask if we could identify the Beautyrest World Class Recharge Saddlewood mattress for him and his wife wants to put a topper on top of a very firm mattress and just rotate the topper when adjusting comfort.

He has been shopping for a King Firm mattress but thought $2250 was an immense price to pay even if he was buying a World Class mattress by Simmons Beautyrest.

Answer: I have this in the database as the Recharge World Class Dartmouth Drive ultimate firm. Therefore the Saddlewood is the exact same as the Simmons Recharge Dartmouth Drive. I found this mattress in twin for $993 at the retail level and there is no pillow top available in this world class model. There is a lot of mark up in the Saddlewood (Dartmouth Drive) at over $2,000. The king should be around $500 less.